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1.5 MM RIBBON (3 yard) 3 color choices

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Price: $1.50
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: R17

This tiny ribbon is double sided satin. It really measures 1.5 mm which is 1/16th  of an inch. Most ribbon sold as 1/16" is actually 50%  larger or measures 3/32.

If the smallest size ribbon is important to you, this is the one to get. There really is a difference.

Choose from Red,
Green (Sold Out)
Navy or
Black or blue black?? (not shown).

A note on the black: If you lay it against the navy ribbon or a white background, it definately looks black. But if you look at it in certain lights, it has a slight dark blue sheen to it.

US $4.95 First Class

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