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This is a one place setting of dishes that closely match the Fiesta ware pattern of Depression glass closely. I have matched the size, shape and style as much as possible. They do not, however, have the 3 rings in the pattern as the original ones do.

The dinner plate matches the 10" plate--.938" or 15/16"    
The salad plate matches the 7" salad plate--.624 or 5/8".
The round coffee cup measures .280 tall by .312 wide.--9/32" x 5/16.
The saucer is .508 in diameter---1/2".
The cereal bowl is .524 wide by .231 tall.--1/2" x 7/32".

A mixed set has one of each color - red, turquoise, dark blue, yellow, chartreuse. 

Please note: A mixed set is one of each of the 5 pieces with the 5 different colors. But I decide which pieces are painted in which colors, not necessarily as pictured.

If you want more photos, let me know.

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