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Decals can be kiln fired between 015 and 017 if desired. 

TO APPLY CERAMIC (Water Slide) DECALS without kiln firing

Decals can be applied to most any surface. However, they work best on something with a glossy surface. If necessary, apply a glossy finish to your piece and allow to dry before decaling.

 Cut as close as possible to the image on the decal. Using tweezers or your fingers, dip decal in warm water until it releases for the backing. This usually takes from 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the type of decal. As soon as you feel it loosen for the backing, remove it from the water. Lay it on a paper towel to rest for about a minute.

I wet the area where the decal will go with a bit of water. Then carefully transfer the decal to your piece, using tweezers or a small soft brush. Nudge it with the brush into the exact position. Use the brush to gently push any air bubbles out from under it. Then gently blot any excess moisture with a soft cloth. Old t-shirt material or kleenex works well. Allow to dry. Then spray or brush on Krylon crystal clear varnish again. I believe Krylon makes a matte spray varnish also, if you want that finish. (I prefer the spray varnish whenever possible because I think it goes on smoother than a brush-on sealer.

If you are working with a very irregular surface, try warming your piece before applying the decal. Then use warm water to soak the decal. Allow at least a minute for the decal to “rest” before trying to apply.

If you find the decal doesn’t slide easily, hold it back in the water for a second or two. Don’t let it stay in the water long enough for it to float off the backing and come to the top. It will wash all  the adhesive from it. If it should happen, and the decal doesn’t adhere well, put a drop of white craft glue on the back of the decal. Apply as usual.

Feel free to email me with any questions. I have been using decals for over 20 years.

US $4.95 First Class

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