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Many of our favorite things date back to childhood memories. So it is with mine. Growing up, an only child in rural Nebraska, I had lots of time for playthings and using my imagination. Many of them have influenced my treasures of today. 

A simple dollhouse my dad made for me one cold Christmas, a box of random seashells he brought back from an auction, a china tea set, all the way from Japan for afternoon parties with my dolls.(The surviving pieces are pictured above.)

I remember fancy glassware saved for special occasions. (Actually, free gift incentives during the depression years with the purchase of gasoline). My childhood was colored with dancing girls made from hollyhock blossoms, seed pods from catalpa trees to make dinner for my dolls, sticks and stones to make bridges and dams in the sand pile.There were pretty rocks for the windowsills and a bit of wood with an unusual twist that reminded me of a cat ready to spring.

So there you have it - I bring it all together in Timber Ridge Studio, here in the rural hills of Missouri. Tiny dishes and glassware, dollhouse miniatures and collectibles, seashells and gemstones. I enjoy making them, finding them and collecting them to share with others.

For some, they may bring back a pleasant memory. For others it may be an introduction to a new treasure. In the near future, I would like to share a few bits of information about some of these things.

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions of topics of interest.

US $4.95 First Class

How can I help you?  Feel free to contact me with your miniature, seashell, decal and mini supply needs.




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