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Just click on any of the links under the SEASHELL tab to see what is available. Then use your imagination for a new project.

You will find -- Shells! Shells! More shells!

          There are extra tiny micro shells for even the smallest projects.

          There are shells for sailor's valentines.

          There are shells for miniature dollhouse projects & fairy gardens. 

          There are shells for beach decor and shadow boxes.

          There are shells for crafts and special ones to display.

You will find -- Sand dollars, Starfish, Coral, and Driftwood.

You will find -- Shells to make jewelry and kits for ornaments.

You will find --  Full size arrangements for beach home decor.

If you are doing an extra tiny project, (like 1:144) let me know and I can put some special ones together for you.

Check my MINI SEASHELL DECOR page to see dollhouse size 1:12 scale items made from shell, coral, stone or driftwood.

All of them have been cleaned, checked and sorted according to size.

If you need help in finding the right size shell for your project, let me know. (For example, - will they all fit through a particular size bottle opening.) Or maybe you need a shell that doesn't seem to be available on my website. Maybe I can help you locate it.

I continue to find tiny shells, from vintage collections and places around the world. So come back often to see what's new.

Comments are always welcome. Enjoy!



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How can I help you?  Feel free to contact me with your miniature, seashell, decal and mini supply needs.

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