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I formed this plate in a mold from liquid porcelain slip; then it is cleaned of any imperfections and kiln fired at a high temperature (almost 2000 degrees). A coat of glaze is applied and fired again. Then high quality European decals are added and fired a third time. Finally a edging of real gold is applied. Then finished with a fourth firing in the kiln at over 1000 degrees.

If it makes it through all these stages without flaws or breakage, it is offered for sale.


Here you will find miniature decorator plates of handcrafted porcelain for your dollhouse or collection.
There are holiday, florals, nature and more.  Stands included.

All items on this page are crafted to 1"   scale.

All plates on this page are sold complete with stand for displaying them.

CHECK OUT MY CHRISTMAS PAGE FOR MORE HOLIDAY PLATES http://www.trs240.com/mini_Christmas.html


 Be sure to click on the thumbnail photo to see the full details of each piece in its enlarged view.

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