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Handcrafted & Quality Dollhouse Accessories

Porcelain -- Ceramic -- Wood -- Glass -- Seashells
Personalized Mugs -- Decorative Dishes
Kitchenware -- Glassware --Vases -- Pottery
Shelves -- Plaques -- Bookends

Tiny Seashells & Hard-to-find Vintage Shells

Emerald Nerites --  Apple Blossoms --  Job's Tears -- Tellins
Rice Seashells  (White, Dyed, Hawaiian & Philippine)
Micro Shells - Mini Shells - Drilled/Cut Shells - Coral
Shells for Sailor's Valentines - Jewelry - Weddings
Craft Seashells

Hard-to-find Miniature Supplies

 Decals --Tiny Glass Jars & Bottles -- Candles -- Mini Corks
Tiny 1/16th” Ribbon,Beads, Fabric
Lycopodium (Princess Pine) 
---Tiny Pine cones --- Mini Holly
Tiny Pine Roping -- Tiny tinsel -- Mini Christmas

Unpainted miniature porcelain blanks

Timber Ridge Studio  --  a place to find individually crafted  1"   scale miniature accessories for your dollhouse.

  • quality collectible glassware & brass
  • tiny porcelain tea sets, silver & glass serving dishes for the dining room
  • kitchen miniatures from souffle dishes to baking molds & pans
  • miniature fireplace accessories, fancy candleholders & floral arrangements for the living room
  • pitchers, bowls and colonial lamps for early time bedrooms
  • a wide range of mini vases, urns and planters for your floral  needs
  • miniature seashell and driftwood arrangements.
  • miniature Christmas wreaths, swags and ornaments to decorate your dollhouse for the holidays

Timber Ridge Studio -- a place to find seashells

  • many extra tiny seashells, some as small as 1/10" 
  • special shells for Sailor's Valentines
  •  tiny seashells from A to Z - augers and apple blossoms to zebra nerites and  lots more in between
  • tiny sea life- starfish, sand dollars, seahorses, coral and operculum
  •  shells for weddings, jewelry, ornaments & crafts
  • drilled and cut shells for jewelry and craft needs
  • and a few larger than 5/8".

Timber Ridge Studio -- a place to find those hard-to-locate miniature items for the do-it-yourself artist.

  • tiny glass jars, bottles, decanters and canisters to fill
  • unfinished porcelain bisque to paint and decorate
  • quality Miyuki seed beads, tiny ribbon, lace, trim, fabric
  • tiny clothes hangers, plate stands, mini corks,
  • mini baskets, vases, planters, tiny tin boxes
  • mini Christmas craft supplies, garlands, pine cones.
  • other great items, some often not  found in your local craft shop.

How can I help you?  Feel free to contact me with your miniature, seashell, decal and mini supply needs.

Just Click    Ronni@trs240.com

Whether you are looking for some special dollhouse collectible miniature, tiny seashells, mini decals or hard to find supplies for a do-it-yourself creation, drop in often to browse and enjoy!


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