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tiny white operculumTiny Treasures from the Sea

Micro -Tiny - Small Seashells --  Hard-to-find Vintage Seashells
Starfish--Sand dollars--Coral--Sea glass--Operculum
Shells for Sailor's Valentines--Jewelry--Crafts--Weddings

Natural & Dyed Shells--Cut and Drilled Shells
Finished Mini Decor Pieces from Nature



mini eggs in glass basket   mini basket of Easter eggsdollhouse easter eggs

Quality Dollhouse Miniatures 

Handcrafted Porcelain Dishes--Canisters--Bowls
Cake Plates--Kitchenware--Baking Supplies

Dresser Boxes--Perfume Bottles--Mirrors


round dollhouse basket 


Craft Supplies for Miniatures & Jewelry

Mini Decals--Ribbon--Stones--Beads
Tiny Bottles--Jars--Decanters--Baskets--Planters
Glass Cloche--Fish Bowls--Candles--Balloons
Christmas Craft Needs
Pine Cones--Mini Holly--Pine Roping--Tinsel--Trim



Whether you are looking for some special dollhouse collectible miniature, tiny seashells, mini decals or hard to find supplies for
a do-it-yourself creation, drop in often to browse and enjoy!


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US $4.95 First Class
Canada- $18.95 First Class International

How can I help you?  Feel free to contact me with your miniature, seashell, decal and mini supply needs.

E-mail me at:  Ronni@trs240.com

Phone: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM CDT   636-358-3633





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