Timber Ridge Studio


Handcrafted & Quality Dollhouse Miniatures 

Porcelain Dishes-Plates--Personalized Mugs-- Figurines
Serving Dishes--Kitchenware--Baking Supplies

Glass Canisters --Bottles & Jars -- Baskets
Dresser Boxes--Perfume Bottles--Mirrors--Lamps & More
Vases--Pottery--Unique Accessories from Shells & Stone


    Tiny Treasures from the Sea

Micro-Tiny Seashells--Hard-to-find Vintage Seashells
Starfish--Sand dollars--Coral--Sea glass
Shells for Sailor's valentines, Jewelry, Crafts, Weddings

Natural & Dyed Shells--Cut and Drilled shells



Craft Supplies for Miniatures and Jewelry

Decals--Tiny Bottles & Jars to Fill--Silicone Molds
Glass Cloche--Fish Bowls--Plate Stands--Balloons
Christmas Craft Needs
Pine Cones--Tiny Holly--Pine Roping--Tinsel--Trim

Lycopodium (princess pine)



Timber Ridge Studio  --  a place to find 1" scale accessories

  • quality collectible glassware, porcelain & brass
  • tiny dishes, cookware, baking needs
  • quality handcrafted accessories for living room, bath & bedroom
  • a wide range of mini vases, urns, planters, baskets & more
  • miniature seashell and driftwood arrangements.
  • miniature Christmas OOAK decorations

Timber Ridge Studio -- a place to find seashells

  •  extra tiny seashells, some as small as 1/10" 
  • special shells for Sailor's Valentines
  •  tiny seashells from A to Z - augers to zebra nerites
  • sea life- starfish, sand dollars, seahorses, coral, operculum
  • kits & shells for ornaments, jewelry, weddings & crafts
  • washed & sorted quality craft shells - drilled & cut shells 

Timber Ridge Studio -- a place to find those hard-to-locate miniature items for the do-it-yourself artist.

  • tiny glass jars, bottles, decanters and canisters to fill
  • quality Miyuki seed beads, tiny ribbon, lace, trim, fabric
  • plate stands, mini corks, tiny tin boxes
  • mini baskets, vases, planters,
  • mini Christmas craft supplies, garlands, pine cones.
  • other great items, some often not  found in your local craft shop.

How can I help you?  Feel free to contact me with your miniature, seashell, decal and mini supply needs.

Whether you are looking for some special dollhouse collectible miniature, tiny seashells, mini decals or hard to find supplies for a do-it-yourself creation, drop in often to browse and enjoy!

Questions? Email me!

Ronni @trs240.com


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